About Us

Repertoire Nigeria Limited (Repertoire) is an indigenous Applications Development (AD) firm, founded by Mr. John Ini Ebiekpi (John) on the 1st of January, 2004.

Repertoire offers services in Web and Mobile Application Development,Cybersecurity Solutions, online Payment Solutions and Training.

Established as a limited liability company on the 4th of June 2004; the same year it was founded,Repertoire was nominated as one of the companies to receive the Information and communications technology (ICT) Company of the year award (2009), as adjudged by the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS).

Repertoire currently offers services in Nigeria and Ghana, with it's corporate office in Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Repertoire aims to gradually spread its tentacles globally, through Africa and the Middle East; pursuing value creation by embodying it's 'Simple Solutions ; Great Value' slogan to important and everyday development(s) of apt immediacy to the tune of the particular project(s) in mind.

Our Philosophy


Adept Knowledge, united with readiness, practical ability and dexterity are the established hallmark of Repertoire. This constitutes the essential part of a whole with person(s) or group(s) who attempt, as a principle, to profit by risk or initiative, finding answers highly thought of, yet not complicated, through profound practice procedures; are able to meet financial obligations which are liquid with distinguished power of degrees further in relationships beyond ‘precious worth’.

Our Trade Mark


When your plan to cause to appear on near and not so near distant background, sticking out conspicuously, inclines you to intimate Repertoire unattached work out as a permanent company producing succession of seemingly mere single main clauses packed with value added results utility in, of, off and around Information Technology matters, cogent answers are found; tiny but of effect, and calculating total change essence.

Indeed this is a result of synergy between all for one and one for all expertise highlights as above - the Repertoire prerogative turned repository – that breeds excellent principal standards creations, brimming with class distinction.

Our Mission


Schemes of client’s heavy missile for throw commence from Repertoire inherent perspective that reduces client project cost, assures popular browser compatibility, features 100% customization, achieves adroit business growth, introduces robust attractive payment platforms (via mobile platforms or the Internet) and cultivates ultimate marketing/sales activities in present continuous stature.

Providing Simple Solutions, Great Value Information Technology in Training, Software, Hardware, Consulting, Internet Solutions and more with vital implications that surely help: • Reduce project cost • Browser compatibility • 100% customization • Business growth • Payment Integration • Sales growth .